EASA Recurrent Training

AMC provides the trainings on EASA and ICAO regulation and recommendations and other recurrent trainings designed to enable participants to reach the highest levels of competence, stay updated on the latest developments in aviation regulation and the safety management.
Course Description Language Reference(1) Duration E-exam
1 - Basic Regulation - Overview This course provides to participants the culture of regulations of the National Civil Aviation, Training that allows to know and understand the application of different regulations at the European level. English CA-BRO2.01 2 Days
2 -Continunig Airworthiness General This training presents all of the processes ensuring that, at any time in their operating life, all aircraft comply with the airworthiness requirements in force and are in a condition for safe operation. English CA-CAG2.01 2 Days
3 -Part M - General Overview The objectives of this training are to give to trainees a detailed overview of the EASA Part M regulations and the most important chapter and subparts that are necessary to keep an aircraft in an airworthy conditions in the EU English CA-MGO1.01 1 Days
3-1-Part M - Commercial Air Transport English CA-MCT2.02 2 Days
3-2-Part M - Non Commercial Air Transport English CA-MMC2.02 2 Days
3-3-Part M - Maintenance (subpart F) (Approval of maintenance organizations: Concerns the maintenance of aircraft with a MTOM of 5700 kg and below, single engine helicopters and components that are used for non-commercial air transport. ) English CA-MMF2.02 2 Days
4 -Part 145 - General Overview Allows participants to know the key points of PART 145 and latest developments. To enable participants to acquire or to maintain knowledge of the regulation of aircraft maintenance English CA-45G1.01 1 Days
4-1-Part 145 - Detailed English CA-45D2.02 2 Days
5 -Part 66 - General Overview EASA Part-66 regulates the knowledge requirements for certifying staff in EASA Part-145 approved maintenance organizations English CA-66G1.01 1 Days
5-1-Part 66 - Detailed English CA-66D2.02 2 Days
6 -Part 147 - General Overview EASA Part-147 describes the training standards that an organisation has to achieve in order to be approved to deliver training and examinations English CA-47G1.01 1 Days
6-1-Part 147 - Detailed English CA-47D2.02 2 Days
7 -Human Factors Human Factors training course specifically for the Aviation industry delivered through an EASA Part-147 training organization. Topics covered include organization’s safety culture, human error, error reduction and mitigation, communications and error reporting Frensh CA-FIFA.02 2 Days
8 -EWIS Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems : This training educates participants on the importance of electrical wiring and what potential hazards to look out for when working on an aircraft and in turn improve the airworthiness code for large aircraft. Frensh CA-FCFA.01 1 Days
9 -SGS This course provides the fundamentals of how to systematically manage safety in civil aviation using the Safety Management System concept developed by ICAO. Frensh CA-1SGS.02 2 Days