Your compliance is our commitment

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring regulatory and procedural compliance
  • Audits and surveys of flight and ground operations (regulatory compliance, weight and balance, documentation and records, flight preparation, ground handling, aircraft performance, training ...).
  • Conducting of audits and monitoring,
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and defence analyses, implementation of quality indicators,
  • Continuous enhancement (surveys, recommendations...).
Documentation & Content Management

Documentation & Content Management

  • Regulatory compliance monitoring, monitoring and management of flight operation content,
  • Regulations watch and analyze (OPS 1, OACI, IATA, EEA...),
  • Editing and updating of operational documentation : Flight Operations Manual (A,B,C,D), SOP, Ground, Operations Manual, Loading Manual, CCO Manual, ERP.

Flight Operations Engineering

Ensuring an airline flight operations support
  • Weight and balance engineering for PAX and CARGO aircraft : weight and balance calculation, load and trim-sheet design, AHM 560/565, EDP validation, cabin layout management, loading manual editing...,
  • Set-up and reorganization of flight operations procedures : airport categorization, route studies, documentation management, AHM, EFB...,
  • Operational route studies: aircraft performances, airport compatibility, load capacity, flight time,
  • Editing of manuals, forms and procedures for the aviation authorities certification and approval : GNSS, MNPS, RVSM, RNAV, ETOPS …),
  • Set-up of Electronic Flight Bag class I & II and backup solutions (management of operational approvals, admin and user training, documents update and implementation).
Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching

Ensuring skills development
  • Providing training and skills monitoring in the FLT, ORG, DSP,MNT, CAB, GRH, SEC... fields
  • Implementation of training programs and procedures.
  • Development of customized CBT (airport familiarization,company procedures etc).
Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT)

Providing IT support to the airlines
  • Development of IT systems adapted to the specific airline requirements,
  • Implementation of IT systems dedicated to civil aviation ,
  • Operational management of Electronic Flight Bag (administration and monitoring system, EFB asset management...).
Operational Resources

Operational Resources

  • Supply operational managers and staff for the airline operations(post holders, engineering managers, flight dispatchers...),
  • Coaching and support of ground and flight operations managers.