The SMS solution for value creation


Client / server architecture entirely hostedinthecustomer’s premises (no one but you can access your safety database).
User’s accounts and associated rights are defined at your end

SMS compliance

Designed per the specifications of the ICAO SMS framework (and FAA / EASA SMS standards)

Easy & quick implementation

Delivered in a complete package including samples and generic documents to be customized to your organization.

Reliable & productive

Designed by aviation specialists with proven and easily scalable technologies

Low operating cost

Very attractive rates without hidden costs
•Negligible administration
•Efficient product support

Built in QA integration

Manage your QA functions (audits) using the same software to consolidate your quality and safety management departments (optional)

iCare SMS – The ultimate safety management (SMS) software

Client / server application for a robust SMS organization
Compliant with the ICAO SMS framework v2, FAA SMS framework, EASA future rules
iCare SMS provides all the tools required to implement an efficient SMS organization. Having your safety data located on your local network is a key success factor: this assures your safety data privacy, an incredible speed (which enhances usage comfort and productivity) and the best integration with your company’s local network. iCare SMS is a full safety organization toolkit, including the Generic SMS Manual (SMSM) and the generic hazards of the aviation industries.

iCare SMS mirrors the SMS framework with its 4 components

  1. Safety policy
    1. Management commitment and responsibility
    2. Safety accountabilities
    3. Appointment of key safety personnel
    4. Coordination of emergency response planning
    5. SMS documentation
  2. Safety risk management
    1. Hazard identification
    2. Risk assessment and mitigation
  3. Safety Assurance
    1. Safety performance monitoring and measurement
    2. The management of change
    3. Continuous improvement of the SMS
  4. Safety promotion
    1. Training and education
    2. Safety communication

This architecture ensures that:

The SMS framework is entirely covered Any user trained with the SMS rules immediately understand the software architecture and where to find the information

All SMS components are strongly interconnected to build accurate and consolidated data

Edition Feature
YES YES Safety reporting system
YES YES SMS organization instant picture (HUD), monthly safety report
YES YES Safety risk management, including defences (risk controls)
YES YES Safety performance monitoring
YES YES Safety Assurance, including corrective & preventive actions
YES YES Safety promotion (excluding email alerts and notifications)
NO YES EMail alerts and notifications
NO YES Taylored procedures and specific developments (per quotation)
NO YES Enterprise support (maximum response time: 24 hours, usual responses in the next couple of hours)
NO YES On-site installation and training (also available with the Standard edition with extra costs)
Your safety data are only yours

The safety database is located in your premises and access are directly managed by your IT department:
No one but you can access your safety data.

  • A user account is set for each employee and determines what document can be viewed and / or modified and what function can / cannot be used. Nothing is shared over the network.
  • A global database password can be used if you suspect (or want to prevent) that an undefined login & password has been communicated by an employee to a third party.
  • Actions of each individual user are tracked and recorded. In case of doubt, the administrator can review what document was created or modified by a specified user between two dates.
  • Your license file is associated with your safety database. You cannot connect to another database and other companies cannot access your.
  • Client / server application for Microsoft Windows (XP/ Vista / 7)
  • Latest and proven technologies (thin client datasnap technology via TCP/IP)
  • Very low administration (the only administration task is to execute the upgrades: 3 clicks)
  • Single point administration: once the server is upgraded, the clients are upgraded automatically
  • Automatic hot backup (7 days cycle)
  • All files (pdf, doc, xls, jpg, …) attached to your documents are centralized on the server
  • SQL database powered by Firebird SQL
  • Data total privacy (your data are located on your local network, the internet gateway can be closed or opened to provide a worldwide access)
  • Reported identification data are only accessible by authorized users (data de-identification)
  • Business oriented
  • Head up display: gives an instant picture of the entire SMS organization
  • Attach any file with your reports / risk analysis / corrective actions / survey
  • Email alerts
  • Graphical charts (performance monitoring)
  • Unique « all in one » graphical interface to keep all information on screen, available in one click (without windows tiling)
  • Incredible speed and usage comfort compared to a web based solution
  • Perfectly adapted to little and large companies (up to 250 simultaneous users).
  • Specific support and design available on request
  • Regular upgrades (at least 3 per year) are available to implement the modifications commonly requested by the registered users or introduced by revised regulations

There is a natural tendency to integrate the different management and control systems like Quality & Safety (reduce duplication and therefore costs, reduce risks and increase profitability, balance potentially conflicting objectives).

The Safety Assurance component of the SMS is very similar to the Quality Assurance function in that both functions are sharing the same audit & corrective action mechanism.

iCare SMS provides support for managing Safety & Quality audits and actions (corrective & preventive) in an integrated module

Safety costs vs Profitability

SMS is a business approach to safety, always balancing costs and safety efficiencyimage4

Choosing the appropriate SMS software is the first decision to make for balancing SMS efficiency and safety operating costs.

iCare SMS is designed and marketed to minimize this cost while providing advanced safety functions:

  • Very attractive rates without hidden cost (get a quote and see for yourself) All inclusive: No additional license required (like MS SQL or ORACLE)
  • Negligible administration Single point administration with very limited action required (click on a single button to install the latest release on every computers)
  • Efficient product support At least 3 updates per year to introduce new functions and enhance the software
A high efficiency product serving in silence

Based on proven technologies used for critical industrial applicationsimage5

  • Firebird SQL = Efficient and very stable SQL engine
  • Embarcadero Visual Studio = The most advanced industrial RAD platform

A thin client technology using a very low network bandwidth

Very fast, even when connecting from a remote location with limited internet bandwidth

Automatic database backups on a 7 days cycle (without any human action)

Extremely reliable, no server administration

Process oriented and highly scalable data flows

Full support of graphical documents and all kind of attached files (pdf, doc, ppt, jpg, tif, etc…)

Its user friendly interface allows an immediate and natural access to the core functions while advanced users can use direct SQL queries to design fully customized outputs. The unique HUD (Head Up Display) board  displays the entire SMS organization and immediately highlights the pending issues (Gap analysis, safety policy & personnel, newly reported hazards, risks to be assessed or improperly mitigated, audits coming due, overdue corrective & preventive actions, levels of risk exceeding the safety target, etc.).

A complete toolkit to implement SMS efficiently

SMS compliant organization => Follow the implementation plan => Mature SMS organization

iCare package :
  • The information system (software)
  • The generic hazards (Basic Aviation Risk Standards)
  • The generic SMS
  • Manual based on iCare SMS
  • The generic SMS implementation plan for iCare SMS users (Enterprise edition)
  • Installation & training(3 to 10 days depending on the size of the organization)
  • Customize the SMS Manual and the implementation plan before approval by the NCAA
  • SMS training for all operational employees (can be done in conjunction with the iCare SMS training)
  • Provide resources to your safety organization (including human resources and appointment of key personnel)

Main screen

Each button on the left side give access to the main modules


Head Up Display

Creates an instant picture of the SMS organization.


Screenshot #3

Safety risk identification, risk assessment and mitigation


Screenshot #4

Risk probability and severity matrix


Screenshot #5

Pdf Visual reports (this example is a « Risk report »)

More than 15 predefined reports

You can see the full description by downloading the full document « The ICAO SMS framework toolkit Including Quality System », Click here

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