Aircraft Survey/Pre-buy Inspections

The Aircraft Owners, Leasing Companies and Airlines all need, in various phases of operation, an evaluation of Aircraft airworthiness and its compliance with the contractual obligations in accordance with the Leasing Agreements.

More than 20 years of Experience in Aircraft management allows us to perform required surveys in the Aircraft Lease transfer process, mid-lease or end of the lease phase.

Being EASA Part M Sub Part I approved, AMC has a privilege to carry out the Airworthiness Reviews to issues or extend the Airworthiness Review Certificates of the Aircraft operated within EASA’s jurisdiction.

For those Aircraft which have been operated or stored outside a controlled environment, including the aircraft operated by an operator outside of EASA’s jurisdiction, AMC has the privilege to conduct Airworthiness Reviews in order to determine the Aircraft compliance with an approved Type Design and with the applicable maintenance, repairs and modifications regulatory requirements.

Working knowledge of regulatory requirements in regards to the issuance of an aircraft Export Certificate of Airworthiness allows us to determine all discrepancies which would prevent the interested party in obtaining one.

Our reports will in accordance with your needs determine all the modifications, inspections or any other work needed to be performed on the Aircraft in order to meet specific regulatory requirements or contractual obligation.