Asset Management

Whether you are a Lessor, a financial institution or an airline, your aircraft is an important asset that need to be managed closely. The whole of AMC aviation’s services constitutes the best asset management program of your fleet.


Audit of your leased aircraft through a continuous or on-time survey. We ensure that the A/C is maintained to the highest possible standard and, hence, do not represent a potential financial burden at re-delivery.

  • Evaluate the technical condition of your fleet and take the necessarylease-conditions-audit
  • Appreciate the technical compliance of the maintenance processes to the lease agreements,
  • Forecast your redelivery conditions and costs. According to this forecast, this is the opportunity to plan the redelivery process to minimize its cost,
  • Compare the requested maintenance reserves with the accomplished works,
  • Analyse the maintenance records and maintenance programs to evaluate your exposure in case of aircraft’s remarketing / re-classification,
  • Set a complete airworthiness backup pack that could be useful in case of Lessee bankruptcy or failure,
  • Evaluate your exposure at re-delivery in term of conversion, airworthiness modification, evolution of regulations.


AMC aviation offers powerful aircraft advertising and marketing services.We will not just give you some basic specifications and name a price, we will assist you in getting the correct aircraft with the technical definition and condition you need. We provide you with an A/C appraisal, combining market data and aircraft maintenance status. We present the aircraft technical status to your potential customers.


At the time of reception / restitution, we assist you with:

  • On-site representation of your interests and negotiation with third party,
  • Delivery / Re-delivery conditions checking and advisory,
  • Negotiation and reconciliation of maintenance Reserves accounts,
  • Physical aircraft expertise and ground testing,
  • Complete analysis of the Maintenance records,
  • Collection and reception of maintenance records and operational documentation.


We will also assists you with the complete lease / purchase process including technical and legal expertise, contractual condition forecast and negotiation.