Set up of airline structure

Your success is our commitment

AMC AVIATION provides full service packages dedicated to the set-up of the complete airline structure including :
Bussiness Plan :buisness-plan
  • Implementation of Airline Business Plan
  • Research of financing and investment partners
  • Set-up of commercial Marketing procedures and policies, pricing, yield management, call centers, routes analysis, traffic right…
Aircraft :
  • Conducting of the Aircraft Research Process
  • Preliminary analysis of the Aircraft Status prior to signature of the Letter of Intent
  • Detailed inspection of the aircraft and records in order to determine its compliance with the EASA or other regulations
  • Negotiation of the Leasing or Purchase Agreement
Certfications :
  • Preparation of all the operational and maintenance documents required for an operator to obtain an Air Operating Certificate including:
    • -> Operating Manuals
    • -> Description of the organization & procedures put in place
    • -> Information & instructions for the specific flights & airports an operator intends to operate
    • -> Description and guide for the crews training
    • -> Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME)
    • -> Maintenance Oragnization Exposition (MOE)
    • -> Maintenance Program & Minimum Equipment list (MEL)
    • -> Quality Assurance or Management System Manuals
    • -> Safety Management Manual
    • -> Security Manual
  • Assisting with the process of obtaining Air operators Certificate (AOC) and Operating License with the operator’s National Aviation Authority (NAA)
  • Preparation of documented recommendations for the issuance of an Airworthiness Review Certificate to the State of registry in accordance with the PART M subpart I regulation
Recruitment of qualified profiles :
  • Recruitment of the Post Holders acceptable in accordance with the NAA regulation including the Flight Operations Postholder, the Ground Operations Postholder, the Crew Training Postholder, the Maintenance Postholder, the Quality Assurance Postholder, the Flight Operations Security Officer, the Safety Manager, the Dangerous Goods Transportation Manager


AMC aviation also provides EASA PART66, B1/B2 certifiying personel, a team for handling Your airworthiness and operational management of the technical crew, the Necessary time to strengthen your organization.
Insurance :
  • Setting-up and negotiations of the Carriers Liability Insurance