Flight Parameters Analysis

Establishing and adhering to adequate standard operating procedures and flight-crew decision-making processes improves approach-and-landing safety.phasein-out

The SAGEM AGS system used by AMC aviation is a flight data analysis system allowing to optimize the maintenance management and reduce the costs(MOQA), while improving flight safety(FOQA).

Your flight parameters are analyzed by our technical specialists and captains for issuance of a detailed and accurate report on your operational and maintenance events.

AMC aviation Safety proposes to analyze your Flight Parameters on a Power By the Hours basis, with several optional services depending on your specific requirements. Your raw data can either be transferred electronically or your media can be sent by mail. Then your data are extracted, analyzed and the complete reports and alerts are sent to you electronically.

AMC aviation Safety also issue powerful statistic reports on your flight parameters in view of Safety improvement, such as:

  • Gauss repartition of a flight parameter for a specific flight configuration,
  • Statistical analysis of a named runway approach and landing,
  • Issuance of flight safety indicators and alerts
  • Issuance of a Flight Safety Bulletin

Costs Management, such as:

  • Fuel consumption

Exceptional events such as a high descent rate during approach become feedback data, helping pilots to improve their skills and eliminate potential threats to smooth flight operations. A pilot can also review his own flight to enhance his skills. 3-D animations is also a powerful tool to review a specific event clearly and enhance your FOQA / MOQA program.